Choosing your kind of wedding

Tips for organizing your wedding. Third phase: The decision-making process

2. Making a decision about the kind of wedding you wish to have

Welcome to one of our favorite parts in wedding planning, when all the creativity and imagination begins to work for the celebration.

First, your partner and you have to consider the different wedding options: vintage, rustic, classic or any other theme you love (yes, one of us is a “Star Wars” fan too), and then it is time that you both sit down with the wedding planner and decide how to reflect the theme in the decoration and all the other aspects and details of the wedding.

Your wedding planner will be able to show you all the options and help you to make the right decision. It is very important, since all the details, whether big or small, and the decor should follow the same pattern.

And remember, you don’t need to focus only in the basic decoration, there are other parts of the wedding where you can use your theme: the invitations, wedding favours, party style, wedding cake, etc.

Do you need anyone to advise you on the different options you can choose from? We can help you to take care of all the wedding details.