Add a personal touch

In Appetit Weddings we think it is very important to customize all the details of your event. Remember that your wedding is a unique celebration for you and your guests. Run away from the standards.

There are many parts of your wedding where you can add your personal touch: the wedding invitations, the ceremony, the party, the decoration, the music for any moment of the celebration, the wedding programs, etc.

Also, there are parts of the celebration where you can ask for the collaboration of your family and friends. They know you well and they will surprise you with funny and emotional moments.

Whether you want a traditional celebration or you would like something more casual, a wedding with many guests or a small and intimate one, there are always details where you can reflect who you are.

For these reasons, we are preparing for you a series of posts with our suggestions and some crazy and funny ideas.

Just relax and remember that you have to enjoy your wedding day and also all the planing. Choosing the right wedding planner will help you 😉